Friday, January 28, 2011

To invite...or not to invite...that is the question...

Hello family & friends,

Tonight after a long discussion we have confirmed the number of guests we will be inviting.
Oh and I also bought my first bridal mag!! it came with this months addition AND next months! BARGAIN! now i just need more discounts for this wedding! dammit!

The only thing now is writing out the guest list...the next hardest step!
ai ai ai.

At this stage, how do we NOT step on any ones toes? The hardest thing is making the cut. I'm sure everyone who reads this and who have planned an event could understand the dilemma this puts you in.

I know after the invite list is done and out - there will be some annoyed people. shux.

Advice anyone?
Should we have an open wedding and invite everyone that we know? Then do a separate invitation to the reception? Is that rude? Or more welcoming these days?

God Bless,
R & R

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