Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cars..Limo's..Taxi's...?? Taxis??WTF?

Hi everyone,
Today we decided / I made the executive decision about the cars/limo's that are going to be involved in the ceremony! Exciting stuff! All that's left to do is talk Rob out of turning up with his friends in United Taxis?

He reckons that since he grew up in South Auckland (*ahem) he is going to follow tradition...and that is to turn up with his groomsmen in United Taxis...I guess it's better than a cop car? ha

Am I the only one who's thinking straight???
My boss said to me today "don't worry Irene, this is your frist disagreement...there'll be a whole lot more"

Ai ai ai...boys huh?

God Bless,
R & R

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  1. Executive decision is the way to go I think :P (Sorry Rob :P)