Monday, January 31, 2011


Hello all,

Well, today we went and sat down with our cake maker and left very happy - it was either the sugar high from the samples OR the feeling of victory!!Which tastes just as sweeter! :)

We went in thinking we knew what we wanted - ha far from it, when it comes to options I'm useless! I hate options! Just give the girl the cake and that's what we're dealing with! hehe luckily for Rob he loves options, so I just sat back and watched him work his magic. In the end, it worked, we both got what we wanted. We're absolutely thrilled, and we can't wait.

Cake = DONE!
Next... Flowers!

Take Care God Bless everyone,
R & R

P.S: Everytime we sit down to do the guest list...we're always adding someone! Shux. So much for 100 people :(

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