Monday, January 31, 2011


Hello all,

Well, today we went and sat down with our cake maker and left very happy - it was either the sugar high from the samples OR the feeling of victory!!Which tastes just as sweeter! :)

We went in thinking we knew what we wanted - ha far from it, when it comes to options I'm useless! I hate options! Just give the girl the cake and that's what we're dealing with! hehe luckily for Rob he loves options, so I just sat back and watched him work his magic. In the end, it worked, we both got what we wanted. We're absolutely thrilled, and we can't wait.

Cake = DONE!
Next... Flowers!

Take Care God Bless everyone,
R & R

P.S: Everytime we sit down to do the guest list...we're always adding someone! Shux. So much for 100 people :(

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sleep in peace...

Hello again!

Finally, finally finally... we can sleep in peace..and with something to look forward too!

Venue is sorted! Yay! We drove 1hr out of Auckland last night to view this beautiful place where we'd share our last single moments with our friends..and begin or life sentences. ha. Up until that moment I was up to my eyeballllls with looking through magazines, websites, making appointments, paying fees etc just to find a place we could share with our friends and family. Now we're proud to say that it's over! We've got it! and we cannot wait! .. Js gotta get dad on my side now! hehe
Downside is...we have to cut back on our guest list! :( they can only seat 100 people! lol here we go ..again

So now, I guess we've gotta sort out dresses, tux, etc etc :( argh. it's never ending I tell ya!.

God bless,
R & R

Friday, January 28, 2011

To invite...or not to invite...that is the question...

Hello family & friends,

Tonight after a long discussion we have confirmed the number of guests we will be inviting.
Oh and I also bought my first bridal mag!! it came with this months addition AND next months! BARGAIN! now i just need more discounts for this wedding! dammit!

The only thing now is writing out the guest list...the next hardest step!
ai ai ai.

At this stage, how do we NOT step on any ones toes? The hardest thing is making the cut. I'm sure everyone who reads this and who have planned an event could understand the dilemma this puts you in.

I know after the invite list is done and out - there will be some annoyed people. shux.

Advice anyone?
Should we have an open wedding and invite everyone that we know? Then do a separate invitation to the reception? Is that rude? Or more welcoming these days?

God Bless,
R & R

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cars..Limo's..Taxi's...?? Taxis??WTF?

Hi everyone,
Today we decided / I made the executive decision about the cars/limo's that are going to be involved in the ceremony! Exciting stuff! All that's left to do is talk Rob out of turning up with his friends in United Taxis?

He reckons that since he grew up in South Auckland (*ahem) he is going to follow tradition...and that is to turn up with his groomsmen in United Taxis...I guess it's better than a cop car? ha

Am I the only one who's thinking straight???
My boss said to me today "don't worry Irene, this is your frist disagreement...there'll be a whole lot more"

Ai ai ai...boys huh?

God Bless,
R & R

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wedding Date - Sorted ... sort of

Hello friends & family,

We have decided on a month and a year! Finally! February 2012 will be our special day!
We're still deciding on the actual date, but it's looking like the 11th of Feb - TBC (depending on our location availability)

Let the planning begin! Woop woop!! (not)

God Bless
R & R x