Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sleep in peace...

Hello again!

Finally, finally finally... we can sleep in peace..and with something to look forward too!

Venue is sorted! Yay! We drove 1hr out of Auckland last night to view this beautiful place where we'd share our last single moments with our friends..and begin or life sentences. ha. Up until that moment I was up to my eyeballllls with looking through magazines, websites, making appointments, paying fees etc just to find a place we could share with our friends and family. Now we're proud to say that it's over! We've got it! and we cannot wait! .. Js gotta get dad on my side now! hehe
Downside is...we have to cut back on our guest list! :( they can only seat 100 people! lol here we go ..again

So now, I guess we've gotta sort out dresses, tux, etc etc :( argh. it's never ending I tell ya!.

God bless,
R & R

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